I received a

I plan to attend NTC

While attending NTC, the amount of time I have available to study is

I am

I live

I consider my academic ability to be

The highest level of education completed by one or both of my parents is

While enrolled in classes, the amount of time I expect to work at a job is

Please select one response for each statement that indicates your level of agreement or disagreement with the statement.

1. I feel comfortable that my current financial situation will not interfere with my school work.

2. I have done research about different occupations that interest me.

3. When taking exams, I am comfortable that I have studied as much as needed.
4. I am deeply committed to my educational goals, and I'm fully prepared to make the effort and sacrifices that will be needed to attain them.
5. There is usually enough time in a day for me to finish my school work.
6. I am able to attach a word document to my teacher through e-mail.
7. I complete my homework in a timely manner.
8. I have the financial resources that I need to finish college.
9. I like science and it comes easy for me.
10. Typically, I spend a minimum of three hours a day studying.
11. enjoy putting my ideas on paper and can write well.
12. I've talked with a knowledgeable person regarding the training required for the occupation that most interests me.
13. I study hard for all my courses, even those I don't like.
14. I understand how to use the program Blackboard.
15. I have found at least one occupation that seems to fit well with my personality and interests
16. I know how I'm going to pay for my education, and I am confident I will make it through the school year financially.
17. I am familiar with on-line classes.
18. I pick up new vocabulary words quickly and find it easy to use them in speech and writing.
19. I have created a budget for completing my education in the next two years.
20. I have good study habits.
21. I am quite confident that my decision to go to college was right for me.
22. I do not need information or counseling on the best way to eliminate an unwanted habit (involving food, drugs, alcohol, etc.)
23. I know the most effective ways to prepare and take college exams
24. I have developed some very effective study techniques.
25. I do not need help selecting an occupation that is well suited to my interests and abilities.
26. I have developed a solid system of self-discipline which helps me keep up with my school work.
27. I feel confident about my test taking skills.
28. I am confident about my math abilities and do not need assistance with completing my math courses.
29. I am comfortable using a computer to search for information on the internet.
30. I enjoy studying and can do it for hours at a time.
31. My living arrangements while attending college are adequate.
32. I am calm during a test so I can focus on the questions.